Sunday, May 07, 2006

What's up doc?

Romily has had a dummy since she was three days old. This is despite me being brought up to believe that dummies weren't a good idea! However, we bought a dummy for Romily on the advice of one of the midwives at the hospital where Romily was born. Romy was having trouble working out how to 'attach' and, as a first-time mum, I had no idea how to help her! Anyway the midwife suggested a dummy, as the right shaped dummy (cherry pip) can help them work out where to put their tongue when trying to latch onto the boob.

It worked and it also worked a treat as a pacifier. She was and still is a very sucky baby. However, lately Romily has been turfing the dummy out of her cot and going off to sleep without it. She won't take one during the day anymore, but she is still having trouble getting off to sleep. So I decided that she might need something special to cuddle to help send her off to the land of nod.

You can buy snuglies, but they cost a lot and I thought it might be nice if I made one. I bought a pattern for a soft toy rabbit and with a few alterations (a really long overskirt), have hand-stitched a bunny snugly. I hope that we'll be able to introduce the bunny (as yet unnamed) soon and then get rid of the dummies. We are also hoping to get rid of the pillows we've had in her cot as bolsters - she went through a phase of continually rolling onto her tummy and then not being able to get back so the pillows were used to stop her from rolling. Of course now she can't seem to do without the pillows - she loves snuggling into them before she goes to sleep. I hope the bunny provides a similar snugly place for her and that we can take the pillows out of the cot too.

So I'm pleased - I have finished all of the sewing projects I had planned to do before starting my beginner's patchwork course on Tuesday night. I've ironed out all of my sewing bugs and am raring to go. I'll post regular updates on the sampler quilt I'll be making as the course progresses. I just can't wait!

In the meantime, check out Jan's March project all in pinks and reds. It's just beautiful and I love the way the blocks all work together. I hope I can make something like this too one day!


Finn said...

Hi Lily, what a good idea to make the snuggler item...hope that works out as planned. Who would have thought babies could so quickly become accustomed to one thing? But they do, I know.

Great that you have the class coming up on Tuesday..very exciting stuff, and I know you will do just fine..*VBS*

Judy said...

Okay, it took me about 4 lines to figure out what a "dummie" was...the you said "latching on" and I thought, Oh.. a pacifier! Are they different things?

I LOVE the bunny. Great job, Lily! I love his/her? little pink nose and eyes. I'm sure that Romy will love him too. They do get so attached to certain things. I remember the day the "garbage man" took all the bottles away and my neice went to a big girls cup!

Judy said...

I forgot to mention your classes!! I know how excitied you are about them starting. It will be so much fun, watch! Make sure to take loads of pictures so we can oww and ahh over them!