Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Patchwork practice

The first class of my beginner patchwork course was last night and it was definitely for beginners! The teacher, a former US citizen and now long-time resident of Australia, took things very slowly, which was good. But I just wanted to get to the stitching!

Eventually we did. Our first class focused on handstitching, so we pieced four patches together. I'm so glad we did, as Sue paid particular attention to how to stitch the 'points', which was something I was not clear on.

You can see from the photos that we didn't press the seams and I haven't bothered either! This was just a sample after all.

Next week is machine piecing - I think we are piecing nine patches to add to the level of difficulty! I found this week a doddle, so I hope I get a bit more out of next week's class.

I am sure I will - some of our teacher's quilts were on display and were just amazing!


Finn said...

Yes, I'm sure that your first class was a bit too basic, for someone with your sewing skills.But a house needs to built on some sort of foundation, and so does quilt making..*S* I know it will get better and more challenging. Great job on the 4 patch tho. Piecing by hand gives you abit more appreciation for the women who went before us and did those huge complex quilts, all by hand and without good light..*S*

Judy said...

Great job Lily! I know that it's simple to begin with, and I'm sure you were a bit bored since you've made some things...but it's good to start at the basics and go from there. When you hit the miahcine it should go much faster!

Hand stitching does make you appreciate our fore-mothers hand sewing by a gas light in the dark! Yikes!

Tonya R said...

Oh yeah, machine quilting muuuuch faster. Hopefully you'll have a blast with it.