Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Romily's room

A few other blogsters (Claire, Fiona) have been doing their babies' and kids' rooms. I thought I'd show you Romily's room. My husband and I painted it when I was five months pregnant, not knowing whether we were having a boy or a girl.

We went for a lemon tang, which turned out beautifully (after we toned down our original choice on the advice of my expert painter and decorator father!) and now provides a nice, bright sunny haven for Romily, even on those wintery days.

We chose a bear theme, which you can see in decals on the walls and it's also on the change mat on top of the chest of drawers, which cleverly doubles as a change table. Once we no longer need the change table, it's a simple matter of taking out the drawers, inverting the unit, and replacing the drawers - hey presto, a chest of drawers! No wonder it's called the Houdini!

I love Romily's room and it's hard to recall that it used to be our office!


Judy said...

Oh, I love Romy's room. I especially love her name on her door! Butter yellow is one of my favorite colors. That's one thing I missed about not having kids...decorating the room!

The bear's are too cute!

Finn said...

Really beautiful room you and DH created for you little sweetie..*S*
Love that color, and what cute bears....great job!