Tuesday, May 30, 2006

How very friendly

Talk about cutting it fine (to use a pun)! I finally found some time last night and today to work on my friendship stars for tonight's patchwork class. I am really happy with them! I did a practice set in calico at last week's class and they didn't work out very well.

However, I learnt a lot through that exercise, and got everything right this time around. The sparkly fabric works really well with the background fabric (in my humble opinion), which is a relief, as it's pretty busy fabric!! And it's not even my feature fabric :)

Thanks ladies for your kind words of encouragement to a complete newbie!


anne bebbington said...

Friendship stars are so simple but so effective I always think - I love the fabric you've done these in - I'm always a sucker for anything with a bit of metallic on it

joyce said...

I just love that fabric and it looks great on that background. THe stars are very well done. Looks like the points will stay where they should be, right at the seam. But if they dont, so what!

Sioux said...

The pattern is lovely and the colors are georgeous.

twobears said...

Stars look great. Colours are lovely together.

Judy said...

Excellant job Lily!! They look great. Before you know it you will be a total pro. Remember that it's okay if things do turn out a little off because that just means that it was hand made. But I totally understand wanting things to turn out perfect, everyone does. Guess what?

Romily will love it with all her heart no matter how it turns out...cuz her mum made it! You are doing a wonderful job!

Thanks too for the comments about my journal. Definately get one and start it right away. Don't tell anyone, but I have a love affair with colored pencils!!

Finn said...

Lily, your stars look absolutely wonderful!! Very PRO!!! The points are there, and you have seam allowance for joining them up, that's major for a newbie!!!

I had a feeling you'd be a natural at this.
Love Romy sandwich picture, but oh my, already she's starting to look like a little girl instead od that sweet, sweet infant..ohhhhhhh my!

Tina said...

Hi Lily,
Your friendship stars are wonderful I love the sparkly fabric it's just my style...Hope you guys are having some nice fall weather, were in the middle of a thunder storm here in Missouri,so it's warm and humid I guess that means summer is here....Huggles tina