Saturday, May 27, 2006

Slack poster

Wow I can't believe it's Saturday night already and I haven't posted since Wednesday. I have just been so busy. I haven't been able to get any cutting or sewing done, so it's tomorrow or bust. In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you my plan for the sampler quilt we're doing as part of my beginner's patchwork course. (Bear in mind this is just for the blocks - sashing and borders will be up for discussion later!)

Okay, okay, so I'm hardly what you'd call Maverick! But, it is my first one, it's for Romily, and I am using some pretty out there colour combinations in my fabrics, so I wanted to make sure it would all 'work' before I started cutting. So I made a key! Very anal retentive of me, but I enjoyed doing it and it gave me a greater appreciation for what I'm going to be doing to what fabric!

I possibly shouldn't show this, as you'll be able to compare the end product with this diagram. Oh well, it's a creative process, so it shouldn't turn out exactly like this!!


Finn said...

Hi Lily, I love that you did a drawing of the plan for your quilt. I think it's a good thing. Actually easier to move things around on paper than on the floor.

And a fabric key is just right also. You can see if there is something that needs to be switched. At the beginnings, it's fine to feel anally retentive...*VBS* Personally I don't think what you are doing(the planning) is all that A R, probably only if it turns out that you can't deviate from the "plan", and I'm betting your fiesty enough to do what makes you the happiest!

Thanks for the time span comment you left for me, that's real dedication and friendship...Hugs, Finn

Tina said...

Hi Lily,
I agree with Finn I always draw out what I think my blocks are going to be and then I use the color wheel to make sure I haven't gone over the bend. Thanks for the compliment on my new blog design and the round robin, I have had fun working on both...I hope your having a great Sunday enjoying your beautiful courtyard..Hugs Tina

Tonya R said...

Can I just say "ditto" to what Finn said. It's only AR if you can't change your mind later. Get some basics down, so you know what you're doing and then you can start playing more and being free.

Judy said...

Add another "ditto" here! I have a big black notebook that I got at Barnes and Noble that actually has pages with grids. It has about 100 pages or more and it's my QUILT Journal. I have every quilt in there that I have made.Some I'd like to make, cut out pictures of ones I like. Some have the plans, as in hubby's quilt. The plans change all over the place. That's the fun part. Even if I know the pattern I will sometimes draw it out, color it in and then add the picture of the finished product at the end.

Now I know that I am a super organized A/R girl. But the fun is getting to plan and design and change as you like or don't like!!

I'll take pictures one day and post my journal. It's a really grea ttoll and fun to go back and see all the quilts and how they have changed as I learned!

I like you plan so far...can't wait to see how it all starts to form with the real fabrics!!