Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm an Aussie and I'm okay

Romily's second sandwich. A vegemite sandwich at that. She only choked once. That's pretty good going for her. She certainly is a fine exponent of that expresssion 'to bite off more than one can chew'! She'll learn one day to chew and to take small bites :)

(Note the cardigan - lovingly knitted for her only granddaughter by my clever mum!)


Judy said...

Ah vegemite! That stuff offense, an aquired taste. I think you have to start off eating it young! I never tried it, but I took my neice's word for it..oh and the fact she screwed up her face and spit it out! Her husband is Englsh and loves it, they get it from out of the country from relatives I think.

Ah, memories. Digging sandwich out of a babes mouth.Why must they shove the whole thing in there? I don't have any kids of my own, no luck there, but I sat my sister's kids for 9 years starting when my youngest neice was 9 month old. So I figure I half raised those girls. I remember it well. A 9 month old, a 2 year old and a 6 year old. What fun! When the youngest hit 6th grade she didn't need me anymore..but i remember the tiny pieces of PB&J and grilled cheese well!

Judy said...

Oh, I forgot what I wanted to tell you. Hubby says the new computer has 2 x the hard drive space(we have 2 hard drives in this one so that's a lot more), 16 times more memory, and will be about 5 times faster. So okay, but it doesn't help that I feel like my arm is cut off. I keep wanting to see something and forget I can't see anything until we dump the old hardrive. WAAAAA!

Dawn said...

Nasty, nasty stuff that vegemite stuff is! My friend in ACT sent me some once - oh my gosh! I was going to be brave and force a pin point of it down and I jsut couldn't! :) The smell alone made me choke! It's a wonder Romy ate it!

Her sweater is adorable! No she is ADORABLE!

Heather B said...

Look at her eyes, obviously intrigued with this new food :)