Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good day sunshine

We are having some gorgeous mornings in Canberra. Mist in the valley, the sun a golden orb in the sky and the bluest of blues above the distant hills. It makes getting up at 6.30am almost worth it. Almost!

I am planning on doing a bit of practice cutting and piecing today on some calico to get me in the mood for cutting into my fabric for the sampler quilt. I'm a bit nervous about that, as I have been known to accidentally cut off the line. We are supposed to do a couple of four-patch blocks for next week's class. I'm going to be very careful, cross my fingers (metaphorically of course) and hope for the best :)


Spindle said...

Can't wait to go back one day and see lakes in the North. Love the pic of the sunrise - makes me feel toasty!

Judy said...

Remember, practice makes perfect. It's good to practice on the less fabulous fabrics and save them, you can always do something with them later.

If you are rotary cutting, keep your finger way far from the edge, those things cut right through bone. Safety first! And most important...


In case you don't wander over my way for a while...never fear, I didn't cut fabric triangles. I always try things out like that with paper first! Can't waste the fabric.