Sunday, May 28, 2006

10 things I love about my Romy bear

I haven't written about Romily for a little while. She is just so gorgeous at nearly 10 months that I just have to share with you 10 things that make my heart go pitter pat.

1. When she says Mumumumum Mum Mum!
2. When she gives me those huge opened mouth sloppy baby kisses. I just love 'em.
3. The way she bop bop bops along on her bum. No crawling for this little go go go girl. Why be on your belly when you can reach everything you need and almost pull up onto your feet from sitting?
4. The peaceful expression on her little face when she's sound asleep.
5. The way she strokes my nipple mid-feed. (Okay so this is pretty funny. She is just fascinated by where the milk comes from LOL)
6. The way she 'sings' back to me when I hit a high note.
7. The way she sits under her highchair and wheels it back and forth, back and forth.
8. The way she bops up and down up and down when you hold her standing on your lap.
9. The way she smiles at me when I'm pulling silly faces.
10. The sound of her laughter when she is being tickled (she's not very ticklish so it's rare and all the more precious for it.)

I'm smitten and totally in love with my crazy little Romy bear. She has brought a lot of joy into our lives.


joyce said...

She is incredibly cute. I'm sure you could easily extend your list to a hundred.

Judy said...

I've said it before...she is a beautiful little girl!!

Tiffany said...

She's so adorable!

Tina said...

This is as it should be....your Romy Bear is precious keep on counting those blessings. Peace and Hugs Tina

Finn said...

I agree with Tina, your feelings are just exactly as it should be. if only every child could be so are a wonderful, special Mum...*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Simonetta said...

Compliments, it is a beautiful child, so sweet!!! I believe that Romy is your greater joy :))))

Heather B said...

She is a doll!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

I came by way of Finn's blog and your little Romy Bear is so cute and I love those great big blue eyes. She's just adorable and I love how you described the things you liked about her...How Sweet.