Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm still here!

I have been busily cutting and stitching away on my applique blocks. This is the first - a pagoda house that I designed myself. I haven't ironed it yet, so it's a bit scrunched, but you get the picture. My stitching is okay, which will no doubt get better with practice. One of my angles is pretty wonky and I haven't decided whether to fix it yet! The anal retentive in me says yes, the fledgling maverick says NO!

I have two more to go and then all blocks are finished and I can begin putting the quilt top together. So I won't be on here until those other two blocks are done!!

Anne good luck to England against Portugal!


Heather B said...

The fact that you can create something like that amazes me!

anne bebbington said...

Thanks Lily - on present form I think we'll need it - but you never know - your pagoda looks super - I can't wait to see all the blocks put together :o)

joyce said...

The pagoda looks great. Is that silk brocade? It looks rich and shiny. It is very appropriate fabric for a pagoda whatever it is. Can't wait to see it all together.

Judy said...

Oh Lily, you did a wonderful job!! Your points are nice and sharp and they can be tough even for a veteran applique sewer! Good job indeed!

Now, you have read my blog and you know I have issues with fixing things...but I will say I had to look hard to find one that wasn't angled right and I'n still nor sure if I picked right. So I'd say leave it.

Did your teacher tell you the best way to iron applique? I "press" it on the backside ONLY on the fluffiest bath towel I have with lots of steam. Pressing up and down, and not ironing which can stretch it out of wack. Using the towel allows the applique to sink into the towel and not get smashed and show the edges turned underneath.

I can't wait to see the blocks come together!!

Laura said...

Lily great job on the pagoda! You have come a long way really fast! We need a new picture of Romily!