Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Test image

Here are the blocks I finished on the weekend. As you can see, the one on the bottom's lefthand side is a little wonky - I bet than can be 'fixed' by slightly stretching when I join that block to the sashing!

I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. All the colours are working really well together so far! Posted by Picasa


Tina said...

Hi Lily,
Romily quilt is coming along I love your tree's they turned out great now are you hand piecing or sewing by machine...I'm a horrible hand sewer, so for me it's always by machine...Hugs to You...Tina

Finn said...

Hi Lily, the blocks look really great. Hard to tell you are a beginner!! I knew you'd be a natural, and doesn't it feel good to be making these?? *VBS*

I kind of swear by Picasa. So far they have NEVER not posted a picture when I have it ready to go. I still don't know how to do muliple pictures on one posting, but it goes so fast, I don't mind the seperate posts.

joyce said...

I love the fabrics you've used in your blocks. THey look great.

Simonetta said...

You are right, the colors are very well combined among them :))))

Laura said...

Lily your blocks are all looking so good, and you are getting great points on them. I would never know you were a beginner!

Still thinking of Romily and her teeth, they hurt now but she will certainly enjoy them later!

Looking forward to part 2 tomorrow~!

Judy said...

The blocks are fantastic. I love that you are making your own designs and they are coming out very well. Don't worry about that tiny little wonkiness, you are exactly right that fabric is forgiving when sewn together and we can ease things into place. I think this is going to turn out very well indeed.

You are doing so well, it's hard to believe that this is a beginner's work!!

Tonya R said...

Blocks look great. You call that wonky??? I'll show ya wonky!! (actually I won't since blogger isn't playing nicely with me at the moment).

My advice is "don't stretch" - that's usually a bad idea. Just let one of the seam allowances be smaller... Are you doing this by hand?