Saturday, June 24, 2006

Go the Socceroos

Australia's new heroes, the Socceroos are through to the World Cup final 16 for the first time in the competition's history. Just making it to the World Cup was a triumph that hadn't been achieved since 1974!

Of course Australians, who insist on calling the sport 'soccer' (to differentiate it from the other different football codes played here and beloved by thousands), are now instant experts on the game. People have been getting up at all hours of the night to watch the matches and so far have been rewarded with some remarkable moments.

The Socceroos are playing Italy in a knock-out game in the next round. They have a pretty good chance against a side dogged by claims of corruption and match-fixing. Let's hope they win!

And for Anne, let's hope we colonials make it through to the finals and play England for the cup. Now that would be worth getting up in the wee hours!


Judy said...

Heck for give those AUstralians who call it soccer. It's ALL soccer to us American's!! LOL!!

Go team!

anne bebbington said...

Well Lily - we managed to beat the Equadorians One - Nil this afternoon to get into the quarter finals - so good luck against the Italians. Haven't looked to see where we will meet up if we both keep up the same levels of success - must put DS onto that to see if a Limey/Oz final is a possibility :o) - yeah by the way what is this 'soccer' thing these other countries keep talking about - all I can see is football :o)