Friday, June 16, 2006

Dananananana they say it's your birthday

And it's my birthday too yeah. Aah the Beatles, get that song in my head every June 16. Yep, it's my birthday. I am 35 years old. How did this happen? Lord knows, but I can't believe I'm 40 in five years.

I have many things to be thankful for on my birthday. My husband, my angel daughter, my parents, my brothers, my lovely sister-in-law and my four gorgeous nephews. My health, my career, my holiday and travel memories, and, of course, my blogging buddies.

To celebrate my birthday I took Romily along to the movies this morning to see Stick It. It was a great girlie flick and I actually enjoyed it very much. Romily was beautifully behaved and even eventually fell asleep in my arms - for the first time since she was a little baby. What a great way to spend the day. I have more beautiful yellow lillies from my husband, so the house looks marvellous (despite the piles of stuff everywhere!), we're having lamb roast and red wine for dinner, followed by chocolate in front of the telly watching the first episode in the new season of Silent Witness. It doesn't really get any better than that. (Okay, so it does - a weekend in Chamonix in the French Alps would be all right I suppose!!!!)

And Carl doesn't know it yet, but he's looking after Romy all day tomorrow so I can get my blocks done for my sampler quilt in time for class on Tuesday night. We're learning applique, which is exciting, as I know I don't know how to do it yet!

So I won't be posting over the weekend - must get my stitching done! Catch you all on Monday.


Jan said...

Happy Birthday, Lily! I hope you enjoy a wonderful day (weekend!)

anne bebbington said...

Many happy returns of the day Lily - sounds the perfect way to spend a birthday weekend - enjoy the applique - be warned it can be addictive :o)

Judy said...

Ah, you're just a baby!

To be 35 again...wait until you are staring down short side being 45 that it really stinks! Some wise person told me last year (when I was whining on my birthday at being 44) that it was better than the alternative...YES, I do agree!

So Happy, Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend and sew all your stuff for class. Applique is fabulous! Well, I love it anyway.

joyce said...

Happy Birthday! Yesterday was my birthday but a LOT more than 35. THey are a lot less exciting when you pass 60. But I'm glad to be still having birthdays. It is definitely better than the alternative. Many more happy ones to you.

Tina said...

Happy Birthday Lily, have fun working on your blocks this weekend, I will be doing the same....hugs Tina
BTW I turn 45 in September and I'm not sure where the time has gone..I have also been fighting the biggest fight of my life and I know I'm going to win the one thing I can tell you is enjoy every minute of every day and don't live with any regrets, the best birthday present I can give you is to know that life is so precious and enjoy each and every minute

Heather B said...

Happy BDay Lily, have a great, RELAXING weekend :)

twobears said...

Happy Birthday! Have a good one.

Laura said...

A belated Happy Birthday Lily!

When my oldest was a baby we had a $1 movie theater close to home. I went every Sunday afternoon and took him with me. He always behaved wonderfully. When second son came along we attempted it once. He is now 15 and still doesn't like to go to the movies.

Tiffany said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!