Thursday, June 22, 2006

Australian quilts on display

The Sydney Quilt Show was held last week and unfortunately I couldn't see my way clear to make it the 300km to Sydney.

Judging from the photos on the Quilters' Guild of NSW website, there were some pretty impressive quilts on display.

I have to say I have a real 'thing' for the art and pictorial quilts (here and here, and here and here). As you can see from the image I've posted (Floriade by Margo Hardie was named Best of Show), 'traditional' quilts are still the winners in the eyes of the judges.

The Canberra Quilt Show is on in August - I'll defintely get along to that one!


joyce said...

THose quilts are just amazing. I can't imagine having the patience to do the one you posted on your blog. It boggles the mind.

anne bebbington said...

Lily - go the socceroos! - just spotted on the BBC website that they knocked out the Croatians to go through with Brazil! - Of course the decider was scored by a Liverpool player :o) Woohoo!

Judy said...

You can't beat a beautiful Baltimore Album quilt. But the others are truly wonderful too. Love the one with three different perspectives on trees!!

anne bebbington said...

Er No Lily - it would not be at all funny if Harry kicked the winning goal against England :o( - not even in jest! :o) He might be a Liverpool player but he's not God! :o)