Sunday, June 04, 2006

New toothipeg

Bloody Blogger isn't playing fair at the moment - can't load any photos with my posts. Can empathise with Judy more now!

I've been busy this weekend, but have managed to cut and mark up all of my bits and pieces for the next two blocks for the sampler quilt I am doing as part of my beginner's patchwork course. My darling husband has taken Romily out for the afternoon, so, as soon as I post this, I'll get the machine out and stitch it all together. Of course I won't be able to post a photo (grrrr Blogger), but will as soon as I can.

I also wanted to report that Romily cut her third tooth the other day. She has at least four teeth coming through in the top gum. The first top tooth through is the right incisor (the one between where the front tooth and the canine will go). The front teeth and the left incisor are also showing white through the gum. They'll be through by Wednesday I reckon - hopefully sooner for the poor little mite. She had a terrible night's sleep last night. We ended up having her in bed with us from about 12.30am because she just kept crying out in her sleep. She had several feeds during the night, which were for comfort more than anything. I don't mind a bit. Her gum looks sooooo sore. Poor little bubby.

Well, better not procrastinate any longer! Must get this sewing done :)

(I will post part two of my love story as soon as the photo situation is rectified. It's no good without the pictures!)


anne bebbington said...

Oh Lily I remember those days so well even if my youngest is nine - not sure if you can get them in Oz but homeopathic teething granules with Camomilla in them worked wonders for all mine - might be worth a try if you can get them - poor little might, she's such a beauty :o)

Laura said...

Poor Romily, I remember those days also! The best is when they get to crawl into bed with you and cuddle, oh how I miss that! See there are even rewards to teething!

Judy said...

Ouch, poor girl. I know that hurts. Do you guys use teething rings over there? They are plastic water-ish filled rings that usually have little toys floating inside, and you stick them in the freezer and they get super cold and help sooth their gums. They slobber and chew and it helps to numb the gums.

Blogger has been tough for days here off and on. Glad you got your tooth fixed too. Mine had a tiny part missing too and he fixed it right up. No trouble at all.