Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Grrr to Blogger

Well this is now getting ridiculous! I still can't load any photos to my blog. I've finished my two blocks for tonight's class and they're looking really good. Not that you can see them. Grrr.

I hope they sort this problem out soon, or I may have to consider changing to another blog provider. Argh, just what I need!

Anyway, all is well here. Romily is a little trooper. Despite obvious discomfort with the descending teeth (some of which are agonisingly close to coming through), she is a happy little soul, bopping around the place and...pulling up on everything (from sitting!). She thinks she's very clever indeedy.

No one told me 10 month olds are so much fun! She 'sings' to me in the tuneless wail of a pre-toddler, she plays the blow nose game - I have somehow taught her to blow her nose on an exhale! She 'chats' non-stop and is as cute as pie.


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