Saturday, July 01, 2006

Your wish is my command

Laura, just for you here is a new photo of Romily! She just loves her books and Spot is a big favourite. Here she is in a dress! It was my husband's farewell from his work colleagues at a restaurant yesterday, so I thought she should dress up for the occasion!

Thank you all for your encouragement on my applique. And special thanks to Judy for her excellent tips on how to press applique - no my teacher didn't tell us that!

My two kimono ladies are coming along quite well. The first is complete and the second about one third done. We are having friends round for dinner tonight, so I won't be able to finish today, but should finish the last block tomorrow. Thank goodness. Then I'll be able to put the top together and see what it really looks like. I can't wait to see it all together either!


Finn said...

Oh my, there's our sweet baby...*VBS* Getting so grown up looking. What a doll! Glad to hear your stitching is coming right along, can't wait to see it. Hugs, Finn

Judy said...

Her face is changing and she's getting more of a grown up big girl face. She is a beautiful girl!

I have to remind myself that you are having fall and winter...I saw tights and jumpers and thought wow it's 94 degress here!

No problem on the pressing. You'll see how pretty they turn out all steamed and pressed on the back!

Laura said...

Thank you! She is so beautiful and such a precious little girl. They grow up so fast and it is like we are watching her along with you!

Your quilt looks great! I love handquilting, it is so relaxing. I think you will really enjoy it.