Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We're baaaack

After a lovely few days visiting with my parents, extended family and friends in Melbourne, Romily and I are back safe and sound in Canberra. Darling husband picked us up from the airport and the Romster is now asleep in her own bed. I'm exhausted, having managed to pick up a throat infection, complete with temperature, nausea and ahem runny poos. But, we had a good time.

Didn't make it to the zoo, unfortunately. It was freeeezing the whole time we were there and rained off and on to boot. Lots of soup, cake, red wine and chocolate. Romily was an angel and behaved herself beautifully. She is a wonderful little girl and a dream travel companion. Remind me of this when she's five!!

Thanks for all the comments while I was gone. I am so glad I don't ha
ve class tonight, as I have had absolutely no chance to do any sewing. Hopefully I'll get some done tomorrow. (Tonya, I have done all the blocks to date on the machine, but my next block is by hand...it will really test out my abilities!). Will post the last part of my lurve story tomorrow - promise!!


Tonya R said...

Welcome back, glad you had a safe, if not completely healthy, trip.

Ah, good, it's easier to fudge the seam allowances if you're doing it on the machine. rather than stretching the block that's too short, you can just use a smaller seam allowance in that area (but don't get carried away.) Or make all the blocks the same size....

Finn said...

So glad you are back safe and sound..*VBS* Sorry to hear about the health issues tho, hope that they pass quickly!!

anne bebbington said...

what a little sweetie your daughter is :o) enjoy her while she's small - they grow up so fast - but are still adorable at any age in different ways - hope you feel better soon