Monday, June 19, 2006

Modern applique

I borrowed this book from the local library, as I wanted to get a sneak peak into what we'll be doing in class tomorrow night. Bear in mind that this Australian applique book is now 15 years old when you read the following, which had me laughing out loud:

'What you will find in this book is far removed from the traditional craft of applique, which for years was closely associated with patchwork and quilting. These older crafts, while relaxing and enjoyable, are really for those with time to spare. Today's life-style does not always allow many of us to spend a great deal of time decorating our clothes and home. Fashions change too quickly and time is so precous that when something comes along that allows you to express your own creative streak, yet offers no pinning. no long hours or preoation, and definite
no hand sewing, it's got to be a winner.'

Obviously the author thought that patchwork and quiltig were dying arts, not realising that we clever women would find ways to modernise these arts as she had modernised applique.


Simonetta said...

And women we will keep on holding tall the value of the patchwork and quilting :))))
P.S. Romily is a beautiful baby :))))

anne bebbington said...

Go for it on the applique - but be very careful - it can become really addictive :o)

Finn said...

Gosh, having read that I'll bet you can hardly wait to see how the class about applique is taught.
I guess we'll have to take what books tell you as just someones opinion.
Still, fun to read about the many approaches.

Judy said...

What does she know huh? She hasn't figured out yet that the act of just hand sewing is relaxing and addictive at the same time!

You are quite right about her being a bit behind times. She would probably laugh at herself too!

Tonya R said...

boo hiss! Just cuz its faster doesn't mean it's better. I love my long hours of hand work...