Saturday, March 04, 2006


As you can see from this picture, young Romily is enjoying her food! But only if it's bland. Here she's enjoying home-cooked potato mixed with sweet potato. She's also enjoying sucking the last remaining bits off the spoon.

Grandma, who's visiting from Melbourne, is very impressed with her granddaughter and is amazed to see how much Romily's grown and how much hair she now has.

Romily is seven months old tomorrow. It seems impossible that it's been that long since she entered our lives. Grandma was one of my birth partners, so it's lovely to see the bond between my mum and Romily growing.

That's not all that's growing! Romily has cut her first tooth! After the false alarm in January, she now has her lower right front tooth. The left one is not far behind. It was nice of Romy to wait until Grandma got here to get her very first fang!

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Finn said...

Hey Mum, you survived the first tooth! How wonderful that she has one already, she's very young to be teething, but you can tell by her chewing on anything that will fit into her mouth..*VBG* That and lots of Grandma was there to see it...Hugs, Finn