Monday, March 27, 2006

There's a possum in the house

There's a possum in the house and he's thankfully not hiding in the pantry, but in our roof!

For a few weeks now, my husband and I have been wondering whether a possum had taken up residence in our roof, as we heard what sounded like footsteps coming from above the ceiling. Well...we do!!! On Friday night we had just finished our dinner and were watching a show on the ABC about some guys who got lost in a gorge (idiots) in Borneo when we heard this bangslidebang!! Coming from behind us down the hallway. 'What the hell was that?' we both said (or something similar!).

I went to investigate and saw a flash of big brown eyes and a bushy tail disappearing into the bathroom. 'It's a f*#king possum,' I screeched and tried to shut the bathroom door before it ran out into Romy's room!! But it was too fast and ran past me into the lounge room where my husband had been sitting on the couch. It did a lap of honour before it climbed into the bookcase. We finally managed to coax it out (with a gentle nudge from the broom) and it bolted up the stairs for the front door (which he had cleverly opened). Poor Romy heard all the commotion and was crying during the whole episode. The possum disappeared into the night and I boobed Romy back to sleep.

It was a little too exciting for a Friday night! We shoved a pillow up into the heating intake (where the possum fell out from), hoping to block its path. Unfortunately, it has alternative routes through our roof space - in the ceiling over our bed!!! I heard it scritch scratching around at 4am this morning. Not impressed! It's bad enough being woken by a baby, let alone a possum!!

Fortunately, we have a possum eradication guy coming on Sunday to set traps and then block off any entry points. No more visitors on Friday nights thanks!


Heather B said...

Oh Lord I would have died! The sound of anything on the roof would have been enough to give me a heart attack.

Funny story though :)

Finn said...

Oh my gosh Lily, that's so scary...I know possoms aren't that people unfriendly, but it could have come near the glad all is ok that a removal plan is in the offing.
Intruder alert needed!!! Hugs to you for the awful scare!!

Laura said...

Lily how awful! We had skunks move in under our house a few years back. What a nightmare that was. I hope you were able to trap the possom! We had a couple under our summer kitchen last summer and we trapped them and moved them to the creek down the road.