Saturday, March 04, 2006

Not a bad effort...

Well I was going to say this is my very first patchwork attempt, but as I was sewing away on my trusty Janome (that is truly Lily-proof), I recalled that long, long ago, in a high school far away, I made a patchwork apron! Yes, it's true. Of course the lines were all crooked and the ties were twisted. I was soooo hopeless at craft!

But, apparently, with age comes the ability to sew in straight lines :) I am also very pleased with myself being able to cut the fabric square. Oh yes, big pats on the back for me!!

I've appliqued the small heart onto the large heart and will blanket stitch around each layer. I think the materials are looking good together and I think this project is going so well I may even finish it!

A big thanks to my mum for 'reminding' me how to do blanket stitch. It was somewhere there in the back of my mind!


Finn said...

You deserve lots of pats on the looks really nice! I think you are doing a great job...*VBS* And yes, growing up seems to help the ability to sew straight lines...LOL I hope you are enjoying it and not stressing out over it.

Laura said...

You did a lovely job! What a nice quilt you will have when you are finished. I couldn't sew a lick when I was in school and had to do the apron and skirt. But quilting is basically straight lines and you can't go wrong. Enjoy the process!!!