Monday, March 06, 2006


Far out. I've had one of THOSE days.

Woken up by Romily at 6.30am. Pretty good! I felt great, as I'd actually had 7 hours sleep. Went upstairs to grab my pump and a bottle and headed back down to Romy's room to express a little milk before feeding her. Got 100ml in 10 minutes - happy with that. Fed the bubba and then we went back upstairs to have my breakfast and give her some rice cereal.

While she was playing after her cereal I went back downstairs to get the bottle/pump and discovered 10ml had leaked out - the seal in the bottom of the bottle was loose. Grrr. I hate wasting breastmilk - it's like liquid gold and I work so hard to get it out. Grr.

Baby REFUSED to sleep more than 30 minutes all morning. She was crabby and so then was I. Despite her crabbiness, we went off to the clinic for a weigh and measure. She's now 8.25 kg and 67cm long. Got back home and realised it was too late to take her to Gymbaroo (we'll go Wednesday instead). Put her down for a sleep and she slept - but only for 45 minutes. This might sound okay, but this meant she'd only had one hour and 15 minutes since 6.30am - this is nowhere near enough.

I went off to the supermarket while Grandma babysat. Got home and was getting the bags out of the boot and suddenly BANG!!!! It sounded like a shotgun, but was in fact a glass bottle of mineral water smashing on the garage floor. The gas inside the bottle turned the glass into shrapnel and it went everywhere, including into the skin on my ankles. I had tiny little cuts all over my lower legs. Fabulous. Cleaned it up and put the baby back to bed, as she was VERY tired. Do you think she would sleep? Hell no! I tried to get her to go to sleep for an hour and then gave up.

I put Romily in the Jolly Jumper to burn off some energy and then it was time for another feed (#4 for the day). I put her to bed and thank goodness she went to sleep! Went upstairs, reheated my cold coffee (thank god for microwaves!) and then proceeded to spill it all over me and my new gossip magazine that I'd just bought at the supermarket. Managed to catch most of it in my lap, so I saved the wool rug!

Oh my god it was all I could do not to cry. I must be a little tired I think!

Not long after that it was time to take mum to the airport - bet she was glad to be going home after today! I was just hopeless. Oh well. She's my mum - she'll understand.

I am so buggered I am not cooking our planned dinner of steak and salad (and how easy is that?!). Instead we are having spaghetti and store-bought pasta sauce. And a glass of red wine. Bugger the diet I say!

Let's hope we have a better night tonight. At least Romily is still sleeping beautifully at night. Those teeth are bothering her, but not too much. Yaaaaaah.


Heather B said...

Girl, I am exhausted just reading all that!!!

Glad you made it through ... days like these make you realize you need a rest now and then too.

Hope your little one is feeling better :)

Finn said...

Oh Lily, what a trying day...almost anything that could go to pot, went. When it's happening you think, no way can it get worse, and then it does.

The change in sleep pattern is probably temporary..due to teething, and how hard her brain is pushing her body to do MORE! The jolly jumper is a great idea for those non sleep moments. I do hope your legs are ok after the glass have to take care of you, you know...Hugs for all the boo-boos, Finn