Saturday, March 04, 2006


I am treasuring these moments. I am storing them up for the future. For when she's three. For when she's 13. For when she and I aren't best friends anymore. For when I run out of patience with her. For when I have thoughts about why why did I have a child (I hope these will be few and far between, but, let's be honest. Every parent thinks this at least once in their child's life!).

I love this photo. It shows how much she just loves jumping in her jumper. And she's in her cute retro bodysuit, which I think is just gorgeous. Can you tell I love my little Romily?


Finn said...

Oh Lily, she is so beautiful, what a great picture of much love and so much innocence..makes me want to kiss her chubby little neck..give her a hug from this grandma who has 9 grandsons..she's a winner for sure! Hugs, Finn

Heather B said...

What a great photo!

Romily is so lucky to have you, especially with the photos and such.

My mom passed almost 2 years ago and I now CHERISH what photos I have of my life as a child, especially the ones of her and I together.

You are both lucky ladies to have each other :)

Sharon said...

I had to chuckle as I read about Romily, today. My dd is just now in the throes of her love/hate relationship with her 10.5 year old daughter. I can't tell you how many telephone calls I've gotten in the last couple of days from my grand daughter crying that she doesn't love her mom anymore, and the same number of calls from my daugher, too. When I remind my daughter that we did the same thing, she just doesn't remember any of it - none of the eye rolling, the deep breath exhalations, or the stomping off to her room. She only remembers how much she was loved, and how much she loved her childhood. LOL! So enjoy Romily - she is a beauty!

jackie said...

You just wait till she hits 2!!

Tiffany said...

I love her bodysuit!!

Laura said...

She is a real sweetie. My daughter and I had are aaaaaaaargh moments when she was younger (quite head strong!) but now she is 13 and definately my best friend. I love every moment I have with her! Enjoy your daughter those first 18 years will go by fast!