Wednesday, March 29, 2006

10 things I thought I'd never be doing

Becoming a mum brings many new experiences into your life. Here are 10 things I'd previously never contemplated doing (most of which, funnily enough, revolve around bodily fluids):

1. Scraping poo off someone else's bum
2. Debating the pros and cons of cloth versus disposable nappies
3. Exposing my breasts in public (while breastfeeding)
4. Pulling boogers out of someone else's nose
5. Congratulating someone for burping
6. Not minding someone else vomiting on me
7. Researching which is preferable: using dummies or thumb-sucking
8. Giving up my weekend sleep-ins voluntarily
9. Hoiking ear wax out of someone else's ear
10. Loving someone so unconditionally


jackie said...

It's all worth it though.

We have that possum in the house book. I love the repetition of it and my kids scream it out.

Sandra said...

Oh yeah! I hear ya my dear !!! LOL LOL and then there's the fun stuff - smelling their hair when they've just had a bath, blowing raspberries on soft tummies, snuggling in mum and dad's big bed, rocking them to sleep, reading books etc etc etc.

Heather B said...

Though I don't have children, I have done some things for my dogs I still don't believe!

PS - Cute haircut!!!

PS- I love Romy's face in this pic!