Monday, August 30, 2010

Spring is nearly here - time to do some sewing!

The blossoms are out, the bees are abuzz and the days are warming ever so slightly. And thank goodness! We can now take the kids outside without layering them in so many clothes they can barely move. All this excitement was inspiration enough to see me drag out my poor, neglected machine on the weekend and whip up a skirt for Romily and a pair of pants (or very long shorts) for Tristan. Two old faithful Ottobre magazines were found (after only a little searching). Otto 3/2008 for some more #7 'Aqua pants' for Tristan in some lovely, soft aqua babywale cord. I love this pattern and have made it a couple of times now. Lots of pocket detailing and top-stitching make them look so cute.

And 4/2007 - the #20 'Corduroy Skirt' for Romily using some very cool printed corduroy from Michael Miller (Cool Cords), which I bought a while back from Crafty Mamas. The skirt has real insert pockets (the first time I've ever tried that and it was pretty easy really!) and lots of top-stitching. I love the cute skulls (who knew that was a possibility?) and so does Rom. She wants to wear the skirt next time she sees her far-away cousins, 'cause she knows they like skulls. (Arrr!)


Clare said...

Lovely photos of the terrible two!

Autumn has arrived overnight - the nights are definitely getting chilly!

Karen said...

Lovely shorts and skirt Lily - isn't it nice to feel like spring/summer clothing is needed!

Little Munchkins said...

Bring on spring - one more day to go.

The shorts and skirt look great, and the colour even coordinate!

dutchcomfort said...

Sweet pictures of the two young rascals!

Today is a lovely late Summerday, but Fall is around the corner!

Louise said...

Some great sewing projects to start Spring with! I've got a few presents I have to finish and then I can start sewing for myself and my kids at last :)

Jan said...

Your children are getting so big, Lily! And more darling with each post. Romily still looks so much like your husband, I think. And that little cute! I've gotten so behind in my blog reading but my visit here has made my afternoon. Hope all's well!