Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blocks for Quilts for Leukaemia

It's not much to show for a couple of hours work, is it? But here they are, nonetheless, four red and white 8.5" unfinished blocks for Quilts for Leukaemia. The fabulous Clare put out a call for more blocks and I have heaps of red and whites, so I really wanted to make some more. Sadly, my piecing ain't what it used to be, so they're a little wonky. Hopefully they will make the grade though and be suitable for a quilt in the not too distant future.

Being part of a worldwide movement to bring a little cheer to the poor little kids fighting leukaemia is something pretty special. If you'd like to help wrap the world in love, head on over to the blog or Facebook page and find out how you can help.