Saturday, June 22, 2013

Oh dear!

So much for 2013 being a little less busy than previous years. I have finally come to the realisation that I'll probably never slow down!

I did change jobs at the end of last year and am currently a fulltime student, studying strategic studies (again) for one year before I take up a new (and, as yet, unknown) position next year. While in theory I should be less busy this year, because I was unable last year to finish off a Master of Philosophy in business that I have been doing part-time for the past three years, I am madly working on that too. So, I am actually doing two masters degrees at once. I am due to submit my MPhil thesis (40,000 words) in 8 weeks, so I am busy as all get out.

I am also suffering dreadfully from headaches this year. There doesn't seem to be any specific cause - some are migraine-like and resulting from hormonal surges, while others are caused by incredibly stiff/sore neck and shoulder muscles, which may or may not have resulted from a volleyball injury I sustained in March.

Fortunately the kids and Carl are all well. Romily is having a great time at school (she's halfway through Grade 2) and Tristan is enjoying preschool (otherwise known as kindergarten in most places). He'll start prep next year (although in the Australian Capital Territory it's known as kindergarten - don't try to understand, just know it's 'year zero'!)

Needless to say I have done almost zero crafting this year. Boohoo. However, I am just about to start hand quilting Romily's single bed quilt, which I started making way back in 2007. How utterly ridiculous!! Fortunately she still likes the colours and the fabric!! Here's a picture of the completed top:

I'm just going to do straight lines in variegated perle cotton, but it will probably take me the rest of the year (at least). So she'll be able to use it over summer/next winter - nearly 7 years after I started making it. Where does that time go?!