Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A new baby!

It's not me! No, despite being not a little clucky, it's not me that's pregnant, but my good friend Di. She's having her second and it's arriving on 26 October - a month from today! It's very exciting. I say 'arriving on 26 October' because that's when the c/section is planned. Di had a very difficult labour last time and her obstetrician recommended not risking anything this time and going straight to the caesar option. I think that's wise.

And exciting! She doesn't know whether it's a boy or a girl - she's got a lot more willpower than me - I didn't find out with Romily because I wanted a surprise, but with baby #2 I will definitely find out. There's too much to plan!!

Anyway, I have decided to make a quilt for Di's baby #2. And since I don't know whether it's going to be a boy or girl, I chose some beautiful gender-neutral brights: lime. aqua and yellow. I got a mix of plain (with a bit of texture) and patterns - I learnt a good lesson there with Romy's quilt project - you can have too many patterns!

I'm just going to do simple four-patch blocks and no sashing, interspersed with block-sized feature fabrics - especially the cats - I'll bind it in either blue or pink - once I know whether she's had a boy or a girl.

I'm hoping to finish it in about six weeks - I know that's slow compared to some quilters, but I don't get all that much time to quilt!


And thank you for all your lovely and encouraging comments. I am enjoying quilting Romy's quilt. I just wish that I'd been able to finish it in time for her to use this year. But with the weather heating up, it'll have to go into the cupboard until next year - fortunately she'll still be in her cot next winter!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Oh my goodness she's so slow!

LOL...the hand quilting is going slowly...but I'm pretty happy with things so far. My stitches aren't as fine as some others' (Finn, Tonya, Judy, Joyce you know who I'm talking about), but I'm learning how to get better as I do it. Nothing like learning on the job!

Here's how it's coming along. I have mostly outline quilted. I think I'm going to stipple quilt the background of the cream coloured blocks, including the applique blocks, which I haven't yet started. And I bought a wavy pattern stencil for the borders. Now just got to work out what to use to mark the fabric!

Any tips on how on earth you go about stipple quilting and marking up the fabric would be greatly appreciated :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Classic food-faced toddler

Well this blog is turning into 'All about Romy' or 'What Romy did next'!

I have no quilting to show you. It's painfully slow doing only an hour or two each evening - that combined with not really knowing what I'm doing or what pattern(s) to do!!

So here are some more photos of my daughter, who is still learning to feed herself :)

1) Spaghetti

2) Lamb casserole!

Click to enlarge - it's worth it!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

No angel

Just to prove she's no angel - this is her cracking it because I wouldn't give her the camera!

And more cute photos of the pigtails!

Okay, enough indulgence now. Better go have a shower or something at 8.30 on a Sunday morning :)
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Pig tails!

Yes, I couldn't resist. Romy's first pig tails. Her hair really isn't quite long enough, but she was a willing participant :)

Note the brush she's carrying around - it's almost bigger than her head!
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Budding photographer

She just loves the camera. Will not leave it alone - even if it's in its case. She even takes photos - usually of her leg! She's been playing 'where's Romy?' with her dad in this photo :) Posted by Picasa

Vegemite Kid

Does she look like she's been caught doing something she shouldn't be? Yes she does! But no she wasn't. Just my cheeky monkey daughter :)

And yes, that is vegemite covering her face from cheek to cheeky cheek!
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Monday, September 11, 2006

She walks!

Wow - Romily stopped screeching today, cut a tooth last night and took her first steps today!

I was so happy when she walked towards me tonight - there was barely a peep out of her all day, and her fourth front bottom tooth made its appearance last night. What a turn around from yesterday. Thank god.

And thanks for all the tips - especially Judy! I don't think I'm ready to resort to the glass of water trick - just yet :) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The three of us

We had this family portrait taken in July - just before I went back to work. Posted by Picasa

Steve Irwin & Peter Brock

Two Aussie legends died this week.

Steve Irwin - better known to many Americans than Australians - died on Monday while snorkelling during filming of a new television documentary for a show to be hosted by his 8-year-old daughter Bindi. He was stung by a stingray and died almost instantly. Read more about it here.

I wasn't a huge fan of Steve Irwin, but freely confess that I thought he was great at what he did and was a genuine family man. It's very sad for his wife Terri and his two kids. Son Bob is not that much older than Romily.

But I was a huge fan of Peter Brock - a legend of Australian motor sport. I watched Brocky win the Bathurst 1000 V8 supercar race more times than I remember - as quite a young girl. I used to sit there on the couch with my Dad and brothers watching those cars zooming around the track - I've even driven that track in a hire car when I was in Bathurst on a course one time!

Brocky was 61 and had had a good innings - but it was such a shock to hear he'd died in a car accident during a rally - he'd done similar races thousands of times.

Two of Australia's most famous men dead in one week. What a shock.

What to do with a screaming child?

Well, although she looks angelic in photos, I am at my wit's end with Romily at the moment. She screams. Squeals. Whatever you want to call it. At the top of her lungs. A real ear-splitter. It gives me an instant headache and sets my jaw. I cannot stand it and there is nothing I can do about it. I am not going to smack her when she screams, as that would just make it worse. I'd feel guilty and she'd think hurting someone is the right thing to do. But oh my god I find it impossible to cope with. I try to be mature about it and shut it out, but it's like a knife through my brain.

I took her out of the house this morning, as she doesn't seem to do it much when we're out and about, but of couse today was different - she screamed a fair bit when we were out too. She unfortunately fell asleep in the car and had a grand total of 7 minutes sleep. I tried to put her down this afternoon, but she just won't sleep. I can't leave her in the cot either, as she just gets hysterical and screams and screams and screams - she would do it for over an hour. She is stubborn as hell. So that's it for today. Seven minutes of sleep is not enough for a 1 year old. The rest of the day is going to be horrible. Fortunately Carl is in charge of Romily this afternoon.

The screaming started when I went back to work. I realise it's what they call separation anxiety and that she's unhappy with me for not being here, but I find it so hard to deal with on the weekends that I'm looking forward to going back to work on Mondays. I do not like feeling this way and I find it very upsetting.


On a happier note, I have done quite a bit of machine quilting on her cot quilt. Now comes the 'by hand' bit. I've got a good idea of how I want to do it, so now it's just a matter of getting organised so I have it all ready to go in front of the telly tonight as soon as Romily is asleep in bed.

I also discovered a new patchwork shop in Canberra yesterday - it's massive! I knew the shop was there, but I always thought it was quite small and pokey, so I hadn't been in. I popped in yesterday and could not believe their range of fabrics! And they are a bit cheaper than the other shop I frequent. Too bad they're on the other side of town! I might have to make the pilgrimage a bit more often now though :)

I bought some stretchy printed fabric today - I'm going to make Romily some pyjamas. She's grown out of her sleepsuits (all-in-ones with feet), and they don't seem to come in bigger sizes. So it's time for big girl PJs!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day in Australia - yes, we are out of step with the rest of the world!

I would like to wish Carl a happy Father's Day. He is such a great dad and Romily adores him. He is so calm in the face of screeching. I can learn a lot from him. He is my rock, as cliched as that may sound. So, Happy Father's day my love.

Carl with Romily on Father's Day last year

I also want to send a big hug to my dad. He is one of the greatest men on earth. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful father. He is a very sincere, warm-hearted man who loves my mother and all three of us children with all his heart. He is a fantastic 'Huppa' to his five grandchildren and I just wish we could see more of him - he lives in Melbourne - an 800km drive from Canberra.

Me with my Dad on my wedding day in 2004

What a fortunate person I am to have these two wonderful men in my life. I am blessed. I can only hope that Romily is similarly lucky in love - I know she is fortunate to have Carl for her father.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Weird bony bits

As you might be aware, dear reader, my darling husband Carl is taking some time out from the army and is at home with Romily. This means that he is also responsible for running the household - a chore he familiar with, as he lived by himself for 10 years. He is doing a really great job with Romily and they are having a fine old time together.

He has also been doing a good job with cooking dinner for all of us every night - although he would agree this has become easier since Romily started eating what we're eating. No more massive vegie cook-ups. Carl discovered a recipe for chicken loaf (meatloaf, but made with chicken mince) in one of our many cook books and thought it would be nice to make it for dinner on Wednesday night.

We sat down to dinner and tucked in. After a couple of mouthfuls I asked, 'Carl, what are the crunchy bits?'. 'Caramelised bits on the top,' says he. 'Really?' I said. 'It seems to be all through it'. Upon closer examination it was found to be bone! I asked where he'd bought the chicken from. 'The butcher.' 'Well,' says I, 'You'd better keep a bit of this chickenloaf and take it back to him tomorrow - this is terrible. They must've got some bone in the mincer - it's all through it!'

We each ate another couple of mouthfuls and then looked at each other and decided that we just couldn't pick out all the tiny bits of bone. We had a sandwich each for dinner instead and we gave Romy some extra vegies.

I asked Carl the next day if he went back to the butcher. 'Yes,' says Carl. 'What happened?' 'Nothing,' says Carl - a man of few words! 'What do you mean?' Then he showed me this!!