Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Like brother, like sister

Yep, you can tell they're related!

And here's one of Tristan, who managed to get himself lodged in Romily's pool ring. He thought it was pretty funny...until he couldn't get out! He has started getting up on his hands and knees and rocking - I think we're going to have a baby who can move forwards any day now. He also tried to clap his hands for the first time today. It's such a cute age!

Precious little crafting going on here, although I am selecting fabrics for a special cushion cover long promised to my dear friend Kate. Hope to get it made by the weekend. A couple of other projects on the boil too - it's good to be crafting again!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tristan is 8 months old

I know, I can hardly believe it either. How does eight months disappear so quickly? Here's my little guy. He's such a cutie. He's rolling around everywhere, trying desperately to sit up (even managed it once by pulling himself up using the edge of the rug) and wanting to get his hands on everything his sister has, as well as my cups of coffee.And here's his big sister getting in on the act. They're great buddies! (Even down to Romily requesting me to make the matching pants some of you spotted in my previous post!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter hols

Boo. We disappeared down south before I had the chance to post. I managed to get my essay submitted one day late, but I had an extension, so all was okay. I think I did a pretty good job, but only time (and my lecturer) will tell.
I managed a spot of sewing before we left - a folding padded playmat for Tristan. I pieced the top using Kokka's range of canvas hippos and elephants, used 4 2.5cm cushion foam pieces for the padding and backed it with thermal-lined curtain fabric. I designed it myself after being inspired by something similar at Amitie and was pretty happy that I thought to make two ties and insert them in the seams before I stitched it all up. I used the playmat on floors at my father-in-law's and sister-in-law's houses and also in various playgrounds. It is great, although Tristan is already pretty good at rolling off it and into tan bark, etc.
The playmat got quite a workout while we were on our travels throughout Victoria and on the trip home via Adelong, Tumut and Adaminaby. (Check out Adaminaby's 'Big Trout'!!!)We had a pretty good time in Bendigo and Melbourne seeing our family. I say 'pretty good' because we were all sick - Carl and I especially. Just a nasty chest cold, but still not fun! It meant that we didn't get out and about as much as we would have liked, although we did manage to take in the Strath Quilters biennial show in Bendigo (great quilts, but I was too busy managing two kids to take any pix), as well as the Easter Parade on Easter Monday. Rom had a great time hunting in Granddad's garden for all the very many eggs left for her by the Easter Bunny!
Lots of fun was had by all despite us being sick. I really enjoyed seeing both kids interact with their grandparents. I wish we lived closer. It's such a precious time.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Made for playing

I whipped up another pair of Candy Pants from Ottobre 1/2008 for Romily. As you can see from the action shots, they're also good for scootering!I also had a go at my very first raglan sleeves - from another Ottobre 1/2008 pattern (#16 Polka Dot Blouse). I've been a bit hesitant to try them, because I didn't know how they worked. Duh! They are so easy! Much easier than setting in cap sleeves, for example! Well, it would have been easier, if I hadn't made a stupid beginner's mistake - I sewed up the front and back panels as sleeves and then wondered why the body looked so narrow and the sleeves so full! I soon realised what I'd done and unsewed the wrong seams (including the finished edges...) and resewed the panels - correctly this time.
I used some giant floral cotton fabric I had in my dressmaking stash and voila. Another great play top for Rom. She likes it a lot - especially when people compliment her on her lovely top!! I was pleased as punch when she said to the Donut King lady: "My mummy made it for me"!
But, that's it for sewing at the moment. Must get this essay done. It's due Monday, but we've all managed to come down with our second cold in as many weeks, so I've asked for and received a two-day extension. I'm feeling lousy, and so are the kids, so I hope it passes soon. I'm really enjoying this course and want to put in my best effort. I hope to get really stuck into it tomorrow. Once it's done I'll reward myself with a spot of sewing before we head south to Victoria for Easter.


And a big PHEW! Julia, for whom I made the 'Winter Blues' table runner as part of the Four Seasons Monochromatic Challenge Swap, received and loved it! I'm doing my little happy dance, as we've both had our faith in quilting swaps restored :)