Monday, September 11, 2006

She walks!

Wow - Romily stopped screeching today, cut a tooth last night and took her first steps today!

I was so happy when she walked towards me tonight - there was barely a peep out of her all day, and her fourth front bottom tooth made its appearance last night. What a turn around from yesterday. Thank god.

And thanks for all the tips - especially Judy! I don't think I'm ready to resort to the glass of water trick - just yet :) Posted by Picasa


Clare said...

Did Romilly scream like that when she was cutting her other teeth?

Sounds to me like a mixture of Mummy Mummy Mummy. I want my Mummy and generally having a grizzly day. Sometimes "time out" works. Just walk away and when she realises she isn't getting the attention she seeks she will stop. Very hard to do, but it works, honest!

Be strong, but also cherish the happy moments. They don't stay like that for ever.

Clare x

joyce said...

What a relief to realize that it was probably just teeth. WHen I read your comments and saw one from my daughter, I remembered that she was quite a screamer. Maybe she still is? Lol.

anne bebbington said...

She's the image of her daddy - have I recommended Chamomilla homeopathic remedy for teething and fretfullness - it worked with mine - also Bach's Rescue Remedy if you can get it over there is good for adults for panic and nerves but also for screaming kids too

Hedgehog said...

I think she must have read mummy's blog the other day! First steps - so exciting!

Judy said...

Goody for your big girl!

You must remember that my mom had visions of my siter dying from holding her breath. She would turn blue she was so stubborn. Plus she was the first child...after 6 kids I doubt she would have bothered even noticing us!!

She was just probably miserable and pushing up that new tooth!

Laura said...

So exciting that Romily walked!!!!!

As for the screaming. My youngest was sooo stubborn. I had an awful time with her when she was a baby. She would get to bellowing and not stop. I found the best solution was to make her take a time-out. It was horrible, I would put her in a chair in the corner and she would get up and I would put her back and we would go back and forth with this but I never quit and let her know that I was the boss and wasn't putting up with it. Eventually she would tire herself out and doze off. It isn't fun and I feel so sorry for you but you just have to give the sweetie lots of love and let her know who is boss. Take care!

Finn said...

Hi Lily, what a great couple of days!! The first walking and a new tooth! Hurray for both!!

I know well that these are the times that try your patience to the max!!
But if it's not re-enforced, she'll get past it. She is adorable in that pictures, as always! Hugs, Finn

Sandra said...

WOO HOO! A walking babe - now she'll REALLY keep you on your toes LOL. How exciting for you all :-)