Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Classic food-faced toddler

Well this blog is turning into 'All about Romy' or 'What Romy did next'!

I have no quilting to show you. It's painfully slow doing only an hour or two each evening - that combined with not really knowing what I'm doing or what pattern(s) to do!!

So here are some more photos of my daughter, who is still learning to feed herself :)

1) Spaghetti

2) Lamb casserole!

Click to enlarge - it's worth it!!


anne bebbington said...

Well that brought reactions heavy on the aaaaaghh factor from DD1 and surprisingly DS - so next the yoghourt?

joyce said...

Been there, done that, with four kids in six years. But it all goes too quickly so enjoy it while you can. (You obviously are) When the last one started school I could hardly do anything with all the silence. I did get used to it pretty quick though.

Judy said...

Now I know there isn't a mouth on her forehead so what the food doing up there?? Silly girl!

Well if at least half gets in her tummy I guess that's good huh!