Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day in Australia - yes, we are out of step with the rest of the world!

I would like to wish Carl a happy Father's Day. He is such a great dad and Romily adores him. He is so calm in the face of screeching. I can learn a lot from him. He is my rock, as cliched as that may sound. So, Happy Father's day my love.

Carl with Romily on Father's Day last year

I also want to send a big hug to my dad. He is one of the greatest men on earth. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful father. He is a very sincere, warm-hearted man who loves my mother and all three of us children with all his heart. He is a fantastic 'Huppa' to his five grandchildren and I just wish we could see more of him - he lives in Melbourne - an 800km drive from Canberra.

Me with my Dad on my wedding day in 2004

What a fortunate person I am to have these two wonderful men in my life. I am blessed. I can only hope that Romily is similarly lucky in love - I know she is fortunate to have Carl for her father.


Finn said...

I think Romily is one lucky little were you! So great to have two such wonderful men in your life and hers.
Happiest of Father's Days to Carl and your Dad. Hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you make me want to cry. I am fortunate as well in love. My husband is wonderful and we've been married for 24 years. My father died too young...57...and I wish I could've had a closer relationship with him.
I reflect back on the positive things we had and they make for great memories.
These great men we have make us great as well. Enjoy them and love them always.

Judy said...

Happy Father's Day to all the men in your life!!

Laura said...

How wonderful to hear that you have 2 wonderful men in both you and Romily's life! What a blessing!

Heather B said...

Gosh, Romily has come quite far since last year :)

Hope you have a good one Carl!