Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What a lovely holiday

We're back! We had a lovely time in Queensland, although it was a little cooler than we'd hoped. Our first three days were spent at the delightful Couran Cove Island Resort. What a fantastic, family-friendly place this is. There are so many activities to choose from if you so desire. We, being fairly restricted in what we could do with a nearly one-year-old, spent most of our time strolling along the many walkways around the island. We walked through rainforest, swamps and bushland. The topography of South Stradbroke Island is amazingly varied.

We spotted lots of birds, much to Romily's delight, and just generally soaked up the relaxing resort atmosphere.

After three lovely days, we headed north to Brisbane, which is the capital city of Queensland. We decided to stay in Brisbane rather than head up to the Sunshine Coast (preferred destination of most tourists visiting this part of the world) as we have friends and family living in and around Brisbane and we hadn't seen many of them for a couple of years. It was lovely to catch up with most of them on a lazy Sunday afternoon in the park. The Roma Street Parkland is definitely the most fantastic public gardens I've ever been to. They are very well maintained and just gorgeous. They are apparently the largest sub-tropical city gardens in the world. Who cares? They are very very good!

The only downside of the holiday was the weather. We did get rained on a bit and it was definitely jumper (sweater) weather. Of course, I didn't take a jacket, so I had to buy one! What a shame, eh?

It was a lovely way to spend a week. It's so nice to have some family time together where we don't have to worry about cooking, cleaning or any of the many chores that seem to get in the way of living.

Of course I didn't take my sewing with me - and I should have. Poor little Romily came down with croup and was a little miserable for a few days. It was scary the first time she coughed, but I realised pretty quickly what it was. I hope she doesn't have that
too often! She's such a little trooper. Even when she's sick she's still pretty happy and very contented to bop around the place. She mastered the art of cruising the furniture while we were away, and also worked on her crawling. She's very good at it now, and is almost preferring to crawl than scoot. She's finally worked out it's faster and loves to play chasey with her dad. He loves it too and so do I, because I can hear both of them laughing together - something to cherish.

Here are some more photos of our holiday. I'll print a couple out and take them into the office next week when I - eeek! - start work on Tuesday...


Laura said...

Glad to see you are back Lily, sounds like you had a great vacation! Will check in tomorrow to see the pictures.

Tina said...

Hi Lily,
Welcome home I missed you...Your right they are good old fashion outdoor Loo's.. I just love the doors there creative...Hugs Tina

Tina said...

Hey I forgot to ask where are your working now????Hugs Tina

joyce said...

Looks like a fun holiday. Our daughter used to live in Byron Bay so we spent some time in that area. Very beautiful. We could have sent a bit of our heat over there. Too much here.

twobears said...

Great trip and lovely pics, too.

Tonya R said...

looks fabulous. glad you had a wonderful trip!