Saturday, July 29, 2006

Winding down

Well I have absolutely nothing of interest to report. Have been busy attending to my mending pile, which has been growing considerably over the past couple of months. Not exactly 'fun' sewing, but at least I have reduced the stack by more than half! I've also been getting papers ready to be filed in our filing cabinet - which I have to empty out first. Gosh we keep so much junk!

Yesterday was a bit of a fizzer too. I was supposed to go to the movies to see Wah Wah, but when I jumped in the car to go - nothing. Flat battery. Dead as. Wonderful. I had to call the roadside assistance people for them to come and fit a new battery. Joy.

Today we've been running errands and this afternoon I have to pull a couple of hundred books out of a bookcase we have downstairs and move the bookcase across and restack it. This will enable me to move the TV along so it's actually centered at the end of our two couches. So now neither of us will get a cricked neck from watching telly! We had to rearrange our furniture to take advantage of the nice outlook into our gorgeous new courtyard! This is a job I've been meaning to do for weeks, but funnily enough keep getting distracted from! I wonder what I've been so busy doing? (Just kidding)

Tomorrow I've got to clean out my car, wash it (I'll go to a carwash - I certainly don't have the energy or motivation to handwash it!) and fill it with petrol. I hand over the keys to Carl on Monday and I'd like it to be in a fit state! I'll then be driving his old Celica to work. It's a 2-door coupe, so certainly not suitable for a baby carseat! Hopefully we'll be getting rid of it as a trade-in on a Renault Megane in the next couple of months. The Celica's 12 years old now and a little less than reliable. I'd be much happier in a new car (and who would not be?!).

Monday is a day for me. Carl has taken over as the primary carer (don't you love that parenting jargon?), so I will try to see that movie and just get myself sorted out for an 8am start in the office on Tuesday. I have to pop into work on Monday afternoon and pick up my car parking pass and swipe card. It's really happening. Poo bum.

For those who asked, I work for an international defence contractor in the marketing communications area. I'm starting in the new position of Organisational Communications Manager upon my return. I've been with the company since July 2004. I work with a lovely bunch of coconuts - I mean - people, so it wont' be that bad!

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anne bebbington said...

Lily - just look at the plus points - like getting a proper coffee and lunch break and being able to got to the toilet on your own :o)