Sunday, July 02, 2006


Well the blocks are all finished. Woohoo. I can't believe it. It's very exciting, as now I can put the top together and then the fun stuff starts. Right?

My two kimono ladies are unfortunately more uniquely individual than I might have expected, but I figure by the time the blocks are all stitched together with the sashing any differences between them will be far less obvious. They're pretty good I suppose for an absolute beginner. As I began putting them together I did realise that I'd probably made them a little more difficult than they really had needed to be. But I did learn a lot, which is the whole point of doing a sampler quilt. Anyway, I have attached pictures of the last two blocks for your perusal. Bear in mind that I'm yet to embroider the chopstick 'thingies' they have in their hair and I'll probably embroider eyes, noses and mouths on their faces too.

I have decided not to fix the wonky pagoda. This is my first ever quilt and none of them should be perfect - they are made by human beings after all. I've enjoyed doing the blocks, but I'm sure glad to have finished them. Although, I think I will have to unpick the seams on one of my tree blocks and let them out slightly - it's come up 1/4 of an inch shorter than all the other blocks, which are pretty much all 6 1/2 inches. I should be able to ease the seams a little and scrounge that extra quarter inch. Then all I have to do is measure out the sashing and sew it all together!! I'm going to use a dark fabric with gold flecks through it for the sashing, with an outer border of one of the floral fabrics I've used in the blocks. Better measure up Romily's cot before I get too excited and start cutting the fabrics!

Thanks again to all of you for your encouragement. It means a lot to me :)


joyce said...

Your ladies look great. Just love the fabric. I like that they are not identical. It gives the quilt more interest (this is my maveric side speaking). I can't wait to see how it will look with the sashing and borders.

Tonya R said...

I think these women look wonderful. I'm thrilled to hear you aren't going to repiece the pagoda. The quilt is going to look marvelous.

Judy said...

They are both wonderful. They don't have to be identical, people aren't usually!! You got the most important had fun and you learned as you went along! Plus you ended up with some amazing work!

I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

anne bebbington said...

Terrific - can't wait to see the completed top - love the geisha girls - they're something else :o)

Finn said...

Your ladies look very fine indeed, to me..just like they are suppose to original creation!

I think you've done a fantastic job Lily, the whole quilt is just terrific. I'm glad you've enjoyed it..*VBS*