Saturday, February 11, 2006

Well it's a start

Today was a momentous occasion! Inspired by Sandra, Tonya, Duyvken and other quilty bloggers, I bought my first quilting tools - a cutting mat, rotary cutter and a square ruler.

I have a little project in mind - a cushion for Romily with a heart appliqued onto a patterned background, in reds and pinks. I haven't bought the material or other bits yet, but I plan to do this next week and get stuck into it. If it works out, I'll take on a bigger project. If not, well, we'll see...


Anonymous said...

good luck with this! It's something that I hestitate to get into as I wouldn't know where to put all the stuff for it! I'm knee-deep in art/craft supplies already.
have fun!

Sandra said...

Oh dear! Looks like a classic case of Quilt Pox to me LOL. Enjoy your new tools - you won't know yourself!