Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Too pretty to cut?

Well, I bit the bullet and bought some material, thread, batting and braid! We are away. Although looking at the gorgeous colours in the material I'm thinking it might be too pretty to cut!

I went with my gut feel for reds, pinks, cream theme. I'm planning on making a quilted top for a cushion cover. The cushion is going to be 40cm x 40cm, so the 'bits' won't be too fiddly. I'm doing my own pattern, no block, and will applique aheart in the middle. I bought some wool batting and some solid colour material for backing/back of cushion cover. The braid to go around the edge of the cushion cover is cream, and will go well with the pinks, reds and cream materials.

I was lucky to be able to browse Spotlight for quite a while on Sunday as my husband took care of Romily for a couple of hours to give me some time out of the house 'unencumbered'. It was lovely to be able to wander around without lugging buggalugs too!

It was quite hard to choose five materials for the quilt top. I unwrapped all of the pieces and played with them on the floor. This is what I came up with -->

I'm looking forward to having a play and seeing what I can create. I bought some new 'tools' too - a metal ruler for cutting against with my rotary cutter and some other odds and ends.

I also bought the latest edition of the Australian Quilter's Companion today. It came with a free DVD on how to make a quilt. Hmmm, maybe I should watch that before I start on my project!

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Tonya R said...

Very pretty fabrics - the cushion will be lovely. And good for you for not using a pattern. Hurrah. And yes, the rotary cutter and mat are great tools for quiltmaking. Happy Wedding Anniversary.