Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Not a baby anymore

Well I guess I have to face reality now - Romily's really not a baby anymore! I've been packing up her 0000, 000 and 00 clothes today. So sad. It seems like only moments ago that the newborn clothes were roomy on her tiny little body. Not any more! She's now comfortably fitting size 0 clothes. No more shopping in the baby stores. I now have to go the 'little girls' aisles!

Don't get me wrong - she's turning into a fabulous little girl - it's just that she was only a little baby for such a short time. Here's a baby photo (she was one day old) just because I can.


Laura said...

They grow quickly! My first baby is now in college, I came across some pictures the other day of him around age 3. Seems like it was just yesterday.

Finn said...

Hi Lily, thanks for dropping by my blog, Pieces..*VBS* (very big smile..*S*)
What an adorable picture..makes my heart melt..yes, they are tiny for such a short time. Very much like that song about "turn around and their one, turn around and their four, turn around and their a young girl going out of the door".
The whole first year seems to go by in a blur.
I love the Red Man picture..it's just wonderful. I'll be back to see whats happening in your world..nice to meet you..*VBS*

Heather B said...

Look at all that hair - and such great coloring. What a beauty :)

Tiffany said...

She is absolutely beautiful!