Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oral fixation

Romily's latest 'thing' is to try to eat the 'linky rings' that hold toys onto the frame of her activity gym. She just loves them. Must love the tast of PVC.

It's funny to watch her now. When she was just a wee baby she used to lay there looking up at the lights blinking at her. Then she went through a phase where she had discovered her feet and used to kick the overheard arches so hard we thought they'd end up across the room. Now she's almost mobile she rolls over and tries to bite the arches, pull all the toys off and eat anything she can fit into her mouth. A couple of times I've thought she might actually manage to fit an entire ring into her mouth. That wouldn't be much fun trying to get it out! I think I'm going to have to upgrade the rings to a sturdier variety!

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Finn said...

Hi Lily, she is absolutely the most adorable baby ever!! I love reading your description of what she doing from day to day...and the days go sooooo fast. It's like that old song, "If I could put time in a bottle...". Each precious moment and picture is like a freeze frame with the pictures lasting longer than the moment, thank goodness. It all goes so fast.
Love the picture above, showing her beautiful blue eyes, and that ring that tempts her...*VBS* Hugs, Finn