Wednesday, February 08, 2006

It's playtime

I took Romy to her first playgroup today. A bunch of lovely ladies (and one man) and their gorgeous 18 month old bubs meet every week for a chat and play. I'd never been to one before and they were all lovely. I even had a mutual friend in common with one of them.

We went to storytime at the National Museum of Australia - the kids were cute, but the storyteller was struggling to hold their attention as she didn't have many props! We moved on after a couple of stories and went to have coffee. Romily took it all in and was quite fascinated watching the other littlies run around!

After playgroup, we rushed home to squeeze in a nap before going to Gymbaroo. Aside from being a little tired from not enough sleep in the morning, Romily seemed to really enjoy it. There was a baby swing that she was particularly fond of. I enjoyed showing her new things too and will look forward to going for the next nine weeks. We can go on Mondays, which I think we'll do, as playgroup and Gymbaroo in one day is a bit much for Romily - and for me!

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