Friday, February 03, 2006

Sydney visit

Romy and I had a wonderful day yesterday, catching up with some of the mums and bubs from my online mothers' group.

We flew up to Sydney in the morning and Romily was wonderful on the flight. I fed her on ascent and descent to make sure her ears were equalising and she wasn't disturbed at all - not even by the landing! We took the pram and checked it through, and I just carried her around the airport in our Baby Bjorn carrier. It worked quite well, although I did look a bit like a packhorse carrying the nappy bag on my back as well!

The group meet was at Sydney Olympic Park, which brought back some memories - I was part of the Australian Defence Force task force that supported the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Of course it wasn't as hot during the Games as it was yesterday. It was somewhere around 37 degrees in the shade! Luckily there was a lovely shady spot near where we were meeting and I found my friends there with their babies.

We had a lovely time catching up and it was so nice to meet these women I've been online chatting to for more than a year now. And to meet their babies! So many happy, well-fed babies was wonderful to see.

Romy and I caught the train(s) back to the airport in time for our return flight and we were back in Canberra and home in next to no time - and it was hot, hot, hot in Canberra too - 38 degrees when we got off the plane. Poor Romy was so hot. I just kept feeding her to keep her fluid intake up. She only managed a couple of catnaps on the trains, so was pretty tired by the time we got home, but she wasn't too feral and settled herself to sleep after not too much carrying on!

I was very pleased that she travelled so well - we might even manage a trip further afield one of these days!

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