Friday, January 27, 2006

We sick

Somehow both Romily and I have managed to pick up a chest infection. I hardly ever have chest colds – I usually succumb to disgusting head colds – so I am feeling awful and not a little sorry for myself.

Romy doesn’t seem to have it as badly as me. She’s not complaining much and only has a little cough every now and then. No doubt she’d let me know if she was really suffering! I’ve been giving her Panadol when she’s been quite unsettled, but she seems to be sleeping through most of it.

As I’m still breastfeeding, I need to be careful in what medication I’m taking to relieve my symptoms. I’m steering clear of cough medicine, etc. as most of it contains a decongestant, which can affect milk supply. This is the last thing I want to happen, so I’m putting up with most of it, apart from reducing my temperature by taking Panadol and sucking on lozenges to take away the razor blades that appear in my throat each night.

I’m also sleeping a bit more, which is helping greatly. Let’s hope this doesn’t last long. Being sick is bad enough, but looking after myself and a sick baby (and trying to keep her entertained) isn’t much fun.

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