Friday, January 20, 2006

I met a cheetah!

Well three actually. My wonderful husband bought me the most amazing Christmas present: a Meet a Cheetah experience at the Canberra National Zoo & Aquarium. I went into the cheetah enclosure with the keepers and got to pat and scratch under the chin two of the cheetahs today.

It was so exciting! One of them was purring as I scratched her neck and it was just gorgeous. We spent 15 minutes with them and they were just fantastic. I've never been that up close and personal with a wild animal before - they are lovely big pussycats!

We also had a lovely walk around the zoo and saw all of the animals - Romily even took notice of some of the very brightly coloured and noisy birds there. She hasn't really worked out animals yet, but she's interested in anything that moves. This includes fish apparently - we went into the aquarium and they have the most amazing maori wrasse - it's huge and came up to the tank wall to take a closer look at Romy. She looked fairly non-plussed!

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Anonymous said...

That is simply amazing!