Sunday, January 29, 2006

Feral Beryl

I'm thinking about renaming Romily. Her name should be changed to Beryl after this morning's little performance. Why Beryl? Rhymes with feral.

She got off to a bad start with me this morning. I wasn't quite ready to get up when Romy woke after a short sleep at 8.30. We had already had her first feed at 5.50am and Carl got up with her for an hour to let me get a bit more sleep after another cough-interrupted night last night. (I've been sleeping in another room to let both Carl and Romily get some unbroken sleep.)

So, I brought her into bed with me where she proceeded to go crazy! She reached over to touch my face (very sweet I thought) and then grabbed the sensitive cartilage of my nose - the bit between the nostrils - and twisted hard. Yeeeeouch! Oh my god that hurts. She didn't mean to do it so I tried to not to react too much and just moved out of her reach after saying 'no' quite firmly.

She just went ballistic on the bed, waving her arms and legs around and squealing her lungs out. Hmm, thinks me, it looks like she isn't quite ready to be up - these are tired signs. So I gave her another feed and put her back in her cot, wrapped up tight.

I checked on her after about 20 minutes because I could hear manic laughter emanating from her bedroom - she had managed to kick her feet out of her wrap, but her hands were still secured. I wrapped a bunny rug around her feet and left the room to go and have some breakfast. All went quiet, so I assumed (wrongly as it turned out) that she'd gone to sleep.

Just as I was finishing my breakfast I heard loud squealing coming from Romy's room. I went in and not only had she broken out of her wrap completely, but she had rolled onto her tummy and was doing laps around the cot. She had obviously been on her tummy for some time, as the giant poo in her nappy had decided to go with gravity and leaked out onto the sheet. There was also a huge wet patch, which was either a spew or a wee. Delightful!

So after a wipe down with a cloth, a change of nappy and complete change of clothes and bedclothes, I took my little miss upstairs to have a jump around in her Jolly Jumper to burn off some of this crazy energy that seemed to have possessed her.

After 15 minutes I took her out and she started rubbing her eyes rather vigorously. Yippee! A tired baby! I gave her another feed and put her to bed and now hope that a good long sleep will sort her out.

May I have my cute little munchkin back some time soon please?

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