Saturday, January 28, 2006

Like death warmed up

Well I'm still sick. I haven't been this sick for more than a year - and that was before I had a baby! I have been coughing up my lungs for the past 24 hours.

I finally got to the chemist today to get something to help stop the constant coughing. The chemist recommended a cough suppressant, which helps a little, but does nothing to get those razor blades out of my throat. My husband had a similar lurgy last year, so has developed a little sympathy for me and has been doing an admirable job of looking after me last night and today.

Romily is a lot sparkier today - she hasn't had as bad a dose of it as me. Thank goodness for the antibodies in breastmilk that are protecting her from the worst of it.

So, I'm feeling pretty sore and sorry for myself and completely useless. What a sad sack! I hope I'm feeling better soon - this is not a fun way to spend the weekend with my family.

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