Friday, January 27, 2006

Good old Telstra

Good old Telstra. Mid-morning Monday our phone went dead. I had to go out, so hoped that the phone would be working again by the time I got home. Nope. Totally dead. I disconnected the modem, to check that it wasn’t the ADSL broadband causing problems. Nope. I checked both handsets to ensure they were on the hook and that it wasn’t the phones causing the problem. Nope.

Looked for the phone book to find the Telstra fault reporting number. Couldn’t find it (still haven’t found it!). Found an old invoice and called the number on our pre-paid mobile phone. Before the call connected the phone told me I had $3.20 credit remaining. Fabulous.

Half-way through call to report faulty line my mobile phone went dead. Beautiful. Lovely lady at Telstra had fortunately taken down my number and was able to call me. I told her we’d better keep it short as the battery was nearly flat too and I couldn’t find the recharger – she said some days are just like that.

The phone line was fixed by mid-morning Tuesday. Excellent. Went to check my email and couldn’t. Broadband internet connection down. Not excellent. Spent 25 minutes on the phone to Telstra trying to get them to fix it, only to be told I wasn’t an ‘authorised person’ on the account and that my husband would have to call them. Argh argh argh.

Wonderful husband called them. Then phoned me with instructions. Which did not work. Argh. Rang Bigpond technical assistance and spent another 15 minutes on the phone with them. Not fixed. Not happy Jan.

To top it all off, it turns out there is a problem on their server but it will take them two working days to get to it. Not my fault, but somehow my problem. Che?

Good old Telstra.

As you can see from this blog entry, we’re back on line. According to Telstra their software turfed us out of the system for no apparent reason…

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