Saturday, March 03, 2007

The kid and the cat

Nothing quilty or crafty to show you - have made a start on the purple flying geese, but haven't got a lot to report! Thanks everyone for your kind comments on my 'wonky' geese - I am letting go of that perfectionist side of my nature and agree that the angles not going all the way to the corners won't be a problem once the quilt is done.

For anyone who wants what looks to be a great speed piecing 'recipe' for flying geese, I did what was suggested and Googled 'flying geese pattern'. Up popped this website with an excellent 'no waste method' for making Flying Geese. Well worth a surf around the whole site :)

So, as I have no other photos to show, how's about some of The Kid and The Cat? They are getting along just fine and Bashka does a good job of tolerating an over-exuberant toddler!


anne bebbington said...

I think those two will be very firm friends

joyce said...

Little girls and cats are made for each other. Thanks for posting that site. THere are some beautiful continuous line quilting designs there that might be very useful to me.

Dianne said...

Romy and Bashka look to be made for each other, Lily!

So glad you found the no-waste method for making 4 geese at once. I think it's the best way to make flying geese. And 4 at a time is better than 1, except when you want really scrappy.

Clare said...

Bashka looks at home. Is he sleeping on Romy's bed yet?

Judy said...

All I keep thinking is "nice kitty", that's what we would say to all my neices when they visited when they were little trying to ge tthem to be gentle with the cats so they wouldn't get scratched!

They look like fast friends!