Sunday, February 25, 2007

Feeling like a goose

Well I finally found a bit of energy this morning and while Carl and Romily were out of the house I started stitching my flying geese 'blocks' for baby Campbell's quilt. My back is much better, so I thought I'd see how I went sitting on a big fat cushion at the sewing machine - not too bad!

Until I started to sew - god my Janome gives me the irrites. I have to fiddle faddle with the bobbin casing every time I sit down to sew - it's either too loose or too tight - and I can never predict which. It catches and jumps and does lovely little snarls on the underside of the fabric. It drives me nuts. I finally got it resolved after about two hours, but I was feeling less than relaxed and happy by then.

Anyway, I finally got all my green bits pieced, pressed and sewn together. Only to discover that I had managed to really muck up my measurements and the centre part of the flying geese block doesn't extend all the way to the edge, so they look funny. I have no idea what I did wrong, although this just proves two things:

a) I am a novice quilter; and
b) Trigonometry is not my strong suit.

Ah well, live and learn I guess. What did I learn today? Buy yeself a pattern. Yes, a pattern. Stop trying to make everything from scratch. When you have mastered a pattern, then begin freewheeling!

I still like the effect. Next job is to colour match the light purples with the dark purples and stitch the outside flying geese. The inside green ones will be separated from the outside purple ones by orange, red and yellow sashing/inner border. Let's hope it all works out!!

Maybe I should call the quilt 'bandaged geese'?


anne bebbington said...

Lily - I don't think for one minute that baby Cameron or his mum will notice that some of the geese don't reach the edge - much better for them to fall short than have their points chopped off plus when you get the whole thing put together and quilted it will not be that noticeable especially as the fabrics are subtle variations rather than stark contrasts. I love your combination of fabrics and can't wait to see what you come up with next

joyce said...

Follow Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston's advice and go wonky. THen nothing needs to match and you don't need a pattern. Also, if you take your sewing machine in for a cleaning it might solve the bobbin problems. It would save a lot of frustration. Nothing worse than a sewing machine that isn't working properly when inspiration hits.

Dianne said...

How frustrating, Lily! First a wonky machine, then problems with the measurements of your units, all in addition to your bad back! You were brave to hang in there, and it IS all a learning experience, isn't it?

Which method are you using to make your flying geese? There are several alternatives, and some make units that are very predictable and uniform. Let me know if you want some links...

Simonetta said...

Bandaged geese is really beautiful, is little importance of as this has succeeded; but will be the final effect; I am sure that you will do a great and beautiful quilt!!!
I tell you him that I am perpetually a quilter to the first weapons LOL!!!!Lily when will find you possible make to make a cleaning and revision to the sewing machine, I had the same problem time fà, then me decided that was best to be without sewing a couple of weeks rather than to become angry every time!!!
I love your green colors :)))

Clare said...

I'd follow Joyce's advice. I'm a firm believer in wonky quilts. Like you I just can't seem to get the angles / dimensions right. Nothing I have done would be acceptable by the Quilt Police, but it doesn't matter, not one iota. The colours and the design are gorgeous. Stick to what you want to do and don't worry. If we all worried about dimensions and exact measurements there wouldn't be any quilts!

Patti said...

Looks good to me! Flying geese can be tricky. Mine usually always turn out too small, so I have to take skimpy seam allowances when I sew them together.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I hear you Lily! Which Janome machine do you have? Mine is a Decor Excel 5018 - a very basic model. I have lots of problems with my bobbin bits too. The thread goes down there and the whole thing goes 'clunk clunk', then I'm fishing out about 5 bits of thread and I get quite cross. I contemplate taking it in for a service, but suspect it might come back the same.

dndwheeler said...

Love the colors of the geese! Very natural looking. I really like the natural colors and have my house dressed in these. I hope you feel "up to snuff" soon. How is the new job? Fill us in, OK? Loved the pics of Romy and also the wedding pics! How lovely you both looked. Makes me want to go and love on my hubby!


Tracey said...

Lily, your blocks look lovely to me. Don't stress over the small one will ever notice.

Glad to hear that the back is on the mend. back pain is no fun!

Judy said...

I don't think it looks bad either. When I make flying geese like this in a row or chunks, I always do them with freezer paper and paper pieced. The way I do them you don't sew through the paper, but it makes this nice pattern that you follow and then trim.

I'm not sure what happened. But there is a trick to make 2 at a time with just squares. Someone could tell you where that's listed. I've never done it so I don't know where to find the trick. But Google flying geese trick or something and maybe you'll find it.