Friday, March 23, 2007

A great night out

Wow I am so behind in my posting! I am still sick, although have been diagnosed as having contracted Sinusitis (a sinus infection following the head cold I had last week) - perfect! Am now on antibiotics and hope it clears up soon. It's been revolting. Really. Anyhoo, I am not feeling sick anymore, but still have sinus-related headaches and face pain and am blowing my nose every ten minutes or so. I won't go into the details. You really don't want me to!

I hope I am much better by tomorrow, as I'm driving up to Sydney by myself tomorrow (three hours) for a friend's wedding. Yes, I'm going stag, as Carl will stay home with Romily. It's really too difficult to find a babysitter interstate and we'd need one for the ceremony and then one later for the reception. It's a much better solution while Romily is so young for me to just go by myself and have some 'Lily time'. I am treating myself and staying in a plush hotel for the night and then will do a spot of 'big city' shopping before heading home on Sunday afternoon.

But that's not what I want to post about! I want to tell you how much Carl and I enjoyed our night out last Saturday. My parents flew up from Melbourne to babysit Romily for us and of course to see some more of their fabulously nutty granddaughter! Carl and I took ourselves out on a date - which we haven't done really since she was born - and went to see Cirque du Soleil's Varekai show. It was truly spectacular and the best night out I have possibly ever had! I just loved it - it's the kind of show you could go and see four or five times and not see the same show twice! There is so much to look at, absorb, take in, it was just astounding. And they had the audience in the palm of their collective hand from minute one. It was spellbinding.

Here's a blurb from their website:

Deep within a forest, at the summit of a volcano, exists an extraordinary world—a world where something else is possible. A world called Varekai. Varekai means "wherever" in the Romany language of the gypsies. Set in a mysterious forest of fantastical creatures, the show combines gravity-defying acrobatics, evocative music and otherworldly sets and costumes to tell the story of a winged youth who falls to earth and who strives once again to reach new heights. The show introduces acts never before seen in any other Cirque du Soleil show to tour Australia, including the technically stunning Icarian Games and Russian Swings.
What a great night out (in spite of the many drugs I had taken to help me get through the night). I strongly and heartily recommed you go see the show if it comes to a town near you!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Hi, thanks for the visit. I ended up at your grumpy girl blog first and you almost scared me away!
I'm pleased, on reading back here, that you seemed to have resolved that work issue. I like the Wonky geese and there have been a few of those in my may have noticed some if you looked closely at the tractor quilt!
have a good weekend, Tracey

joyce said...

Enjoy your time on your own. Everyone needs that once in awhile. I've only seen Cirque on TV but would love to see it in person. I think they come from Montreal here in Canada.

teodo said...

Hi, sometimes these fantastic show give us an interior force that stay in us for much time. ciao ciao

Clare said...

Hope the sinuses clear up soon. I had it last year and felt ghastly for such a long time. Those are truly amazing photos and I would love to see it live. Perigueux hosts an international mime festival every year (Mimos). Very similar stuff. Enjoy your "Lily Time".

Sandra said...

Oooh, you lucky thing! I'd LOVE to see the Cirque. Glad it was as wonderful as the blurb suggests.

Patti said...

I'm glad to hear you got some good drugs and are well on the road to recovery. Have a safe, happy trip.