Friday, March 09, 2007

All the animals in the zoo

Carl and I took Romily to the zoo yesterday - I have an annual pass, so we only have to pay for Carl if the three of us go (kids under the age of two get in free), so it makes for a lovely outing - if the weather's not too hot. Which it wasn't. It was just lovely. We only usually get around half of the zoo, as Romily gets pretty tired after an hour and a half - those little legs have to take many more steps than ours!

We had a great time, and, at 19 months, she is becoming more interested in the animals, is able to spot them more easily, and knows some of them from the books we read her. It is becoming a more and more enjoyable excursion.

I also took my camera and had a bit of a play with the telephoto lens and took some okay shots of some of the animals in the zoo - I thought those from outside Australia might particularly like to see some of the Australian natives as well as some of the exotics.

Snow leopard (who looks like a big version of Bashka!) - definitely not from Australia!



King Cheetah (okay, so obviously not native!)

Tasmanian Devil (and funnily enough he was spinning around and around like the cartoon character!)

And my very own Romy Devil, with her keeper, er I mean father!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your photos! I have never seen a tasmanian devil before. He looks devilish with those red ears. I love the Koala bears. I had a stuffed toy one when I was a child.
Like your wonky geese quilt, too.
Keep up the good work.